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May 25 2019

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May 24 2019

You cannot heal in the same environment where you got sick.
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You’re probably wondering whether what you experienced was really ‘that bad?’. Let me tell you - if you have to question it, if it hurts, if it still runs through your mind, it was.

You don’t have to feel guilty over the pain you’re feeling.

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The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.
— Ernest Hemingway
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Tips for Getting What you Want out of Life

1. You need to begin by thinking about what you want your life to look like. It’s important to be concrete and specific here – not general and vague. Then, use that information to set clear goals for yourself.

2. Be confident and believe in yourself. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have what other people have, or shouldn’t be that person you’d really like to be. If you’re willing to work hard, and to pay the price required, then you can the life you want, and find the niche for you.

3. Keep your focus on your goal – don’t get sidetracked from your dream. You’ll have to keep on going and to push through trying times. Remember, it is worth it. You’ll be glad you persevered.

4. Don’t give into temptation to go for lesser goals, or to do something attractive that won’t lead anywhere. Don’t pretend that you’ll be happy if you give up on your dream. You’ll wish that you’d been stronger and looked at the “long-term”.

5. If you slip up – just get over it – and move on with your plan. It doesn’t mean it’s over. Get back on track again. The goal is too important to waste time on regrets. Your focus is the future, and what will take you there.

6. Recognise your weaknesses – then plan to manage them. That way you’ll have some strategies to deal with obstacles.

7. Finish what you start, and don’t leave loose ends untied. You have to be committed, and thorough, to achieve. Being lazy or half-hearted will hamper your success.

May 23 2019

Człowiek dojrzały odpuszcza, nie mści się. Pielęgnując krzywdę, krzywdzi samego siebie. Życie jest zbyt krótkie, żeby się kłócić. Lepiej liczyć swoje błogosławieństwa i dbać o ludzi, których kochasz.
— Kayah
Jeśli twój statek się nie zjawia, wypłyń mu na przeciw.
— Lisa Wingate
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May 20 2019

Dopóki nie będziesz szczęśliwy sam ze sobą, nigdy nie będziesz wiedzieć, czy kochasz kogoś z miłości czy z samotności.
Nie traktuj siebie zbyt surowo. Ułóż sobie życie i przeżyj je. W pełni. Tylko tyle możesz zrobić. Nie wymażesz przeszłości, ale możesz zadbać o to, żeby nie żyć pod jej dyktando w przyszłości. Karanie siebie nic nie zmieni. A i tak już wystarczająco długo to robiłaś.
— Kathryn Croft
Reaguj na to, co się naprawdę dzieje, a nie na to, co sobie wyobrażasz.
— Helen Fielding
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